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Gefen USB 2.0 Cat5e Extender

Part Number: SW-20550

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3-9 $428.95

The Gefen USB 2.0 Cat5e Extender (EXT-USB2.0-LR, upgraded model from EXT-USB-2.0 which is now discontinued) allows you to extend the distance of a USB 2.0 connection up to 330 ft. away.

Gefen's brand is synonymous with quality - they just don't make inferior products. This product is no exception. Gefen is pushing the envelope on distance while maintaining full USB 2.0 speeds and flawless quality.

If you are considering a USB 1.1 Cat5e extender you may be surprised at the increased price for this 2.0 model. The USB 2.0 components required in this booster are quite frankly expensive.

We have looked all over for cheaper components to try to bring the price of this product down, but so far Gefen has led the way in making this technology more affordable over time (with this recent upgraded model they actually dropped the price by aggressively negotiating with the chip manufacturers).

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