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150' USB Cat5e Extender

Part Number: SW-1207
150' USB Cat5e Extender

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3-9 $23.95
10-29 $22.95
30-99 $19.95

While a 16' USB Extension Cable is great for going across a room, sometimes you need a little more distance. For distances up to 150' you can easily boost your USB signal over regular Cat5e cables.

Ease of Installation
Anybody can install and use this USB Cat5e extension cable - simply plug the sender in to your computer, the receiver in to your device and connect a Cat5e cable between the two. Your device will work as if it were plugged directly in to your computer.

USB 1.1
This is a USB 1.1 extender - it will still work with USB 2.0 devices, but not at full 2.0 speeds (we also offer a USB 2.0 extender from Gefen). Because the price difference is so great you should consider a 1.1 extender if your USB device does not require massive amounts of data transfer.

For a USB hard drive, for instance, you probably want a 2.0 extender - for a USB printer, it doesn't really matter. Even with a webcam you probably won't notice a difference because the video is compressed so much.

Sender and Receiver Included
This kit includes 2 pieces - the sender unit and receiving unit. The Cat5e cable is not included, but we offer various lengths of networking cable that will ensure that you're covered (these are terminated for maximum convenience):

50 ft. | 75 ft. | 100 ft.

If you want to do a custom length and don't mind terminating your own Cat5e cable you should consider a 1000' Cat5e pullbox - you won't believe how reasonably priced it is.

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