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Sewell ActiveLINK 10' Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Part Number: SW-30330
Sewell 10' USB Passive Extension Cable


Transfer at USB 3.0 speeds (also known as USB Super Speed) and overcome USB's distance limitation of 16 feet with Sewell's Active Link extension cable. The cable is 10 feet long and allows 32 feet USB 3.0 extension (at least).

USB's Distance Limitation

The USB consortium specifies USB (USB 1.1 through USB 3.0) to only effectively transfer data and commands over 16 feet at the most. If you've tried to go further than this without an active booster, you may have had mixed results: either a slower transfer rate, no transfer, or corrupted files. After 16 feet you begin to experience "data packet loss" which either slows the transfer or fails it completely.

In order to guarantee optimal performance over copper cable runs longer than 16 feet, this cable includes an active booster that repeats the signal and allows it to be sent over a total of 32 feet without unnecessary packet loss.

USB 3.0 - No More Bottleneck

USB 3.0 features "superspeed" mode, allowing up to 5 Gbit/s transfer rates. This is ten times faster than the previous maximum speed of USB 2.0 (480 mbps). This means you can take full advantage of the full transfer speeds of the interface your hard drive uses -- 3 Gb/s for SATA and much less for IDE -- so USB is no longer the bottleneck. This means that with USB 3.0, it is essentially like having the hard drive installed inside your computer hooked directly to the motherboard

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