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33 Foot USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable

Part Number: SW-29500
33 foot usb active extension cable

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3-9 $21.95

Our new 33 foot USB 2.0 active extension cable is a great cable for any long USB run. This new cable comes in at a much more affordable than previous long active extension cables we've had.

Built In Repeater

This active extension cable has a built in repeater to preserve the signal strength over the length of the entire cable. This allows you to exceed the 16 foot cable length limit that normally applies to USB devices.

Bus Powered

These USB active extension cables are USB Bus powered. This means that you do not have to attach any other power source to power the repeaters. Simply plug the cables into your computer's USB port and the repeaters will draw all the power they need from the computer.

If you need to go further than 33 feet you can simply daisy-chain several of these cables together to give you 66, 99 or even 132 feet.

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