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20m USB Extension Cable

Part Number: SW-8960
Sewell USB Active Extension Cable

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Tired of your home office or workspace (or even your space at your employer) being limited to its current layout because your USB and other cables are too short to allow you to place your furniture, accessories and especially your computer equipment where it works best for you?  Then stop being limited by a problem that is easily fixed and pick up the Sewell USB 2.0 Extension Cable (Part #SW-8960; Mfg. Part #USB20.20), a quick solution for your most-problematic reach issues.

Go further
Whether you need just a few feet or a more substantial move across the room or around the corner, you'll find any distance up to 65 feet or more a non-issue (more than 80 feet if you are counting the 16 feet or so of your original USB cable's distance), with this cable's convenient length of 20 meters (65.6 feet).

Regular specifications for USB indicate a maximum length that is no longer than 5 meters (or 16 feet).  Therefore, you can't possibly lengthen the reach of your USB device any further than that 16 feet, that is, unless you get an "active" extension cable (also known as a USB repeater cable).

No signal loss or degradation
This cable is manufactured with active electronics that will increase your USB signal to optimize dependability and execution even with the lengthened distance; there is no need to worry about any decreased performance or reliability.  With both male and female connectors (both USB 2.0 type A), you can connect the male end into your computer or other host device, then connect the female end into your USB device.

With this cable's built-in repeaters, you will have the distance you need in just minutes...a quick fix that is easy to install, without the need for multiple, messier shorter cables.

Great subtle design
With a neutral gray color, it will hardly be noticed against the baseboard, and it is also easy to run along a wall or behind your furniture where it will hardly get noticed.  So get one (or a few for your multiple computers and USB peripherals) and make your office or work area as comfortable and user-friendly as possible.

The Sewell USB 2.0 Extension Cable is compatible with most any USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices (including webcams and more).  It is an inexpensive answer to the limitations of regular USB cables, and since it is easy and quick to install, it will keep you working or computing at your best, where you're most comfortable - in your own space.

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