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Sewell 10' Passive USB Extension Cable

Part Number: SW-1204-10
Sewell 10' USB Passive Extension Cable

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3-9 $4.95
10-29 $3.95
30-99 $3.45
100+ $2.95

Do you have a gaming system, entertainment system, or business equipment you would like to connect to your PC or Laptop? Maybe you have a digital camera you would like to stream movies or pictures to your TV or PC? Or maybe you just need a longer USB cable for your printer or other external device? Do you need to extend the length of your USB cable for any reason at all? Then try this Passive Extension Cable to make the job easier! It just plugs into your device like any USB cable and gets you working in a hurry!

If you need something a bit longer, try our USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable! It extends beyond 16 feet!

If you need something REALLY long, try our Super USB Extender! It can extend your USB device over 150 feet!

This particular USB 2.0 Passive Extension Cable allows for speeds of up to 480 Mbps. The cable is compatible with older USB 1.1 devices, but also works at the slower USB 1.1 speed (12 Mbps).

We really do have something for all of your needs!

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