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10 foot active USB 3.0 extension cable

USB 3.0 ActiveLINK Active Extension Cable:

Our new 10 foot USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable has the power to send your USB 3.0 signal past the USB recommended distance. Read more here:

USB 3.0 ActiveLINK Active Extension Cable

10 foot passive USB 3.0 extension cable

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Do you need to extend the distance from your computer to a USB device such as a printer or scanner? According to the USB specification, you can use passive extension cables (i.e., cables without an active repeater chip in them) for distances up to 16 feet. Beyond sixteen feet, you need a cable that will boost the signal in order to avoid losing data or, worse yet, damaging USB equipment.

The maximum distance that you can reach by chaining Active USB Extension Cables together is 80 feet. By using 16 foot cables (the most common length available) you can safely chain up to 4 of these together without risking data loss or damage to your device (in addition to the 4-active extension cables you will use a regular device cable at the end that can be up to 16 feet - this is how you achieve the maximum distance of 80 feet).

In order to use a USB Extension Cable with a device, you plug the extension cable directly into the USB port on your desktop or notebook. On the other end of the cable, you will have a type A female port where you can plug your device cable in, which will be connected to the device on the other end.

You can also use the 16 foot extension cable for extending the reach of your Xbox Kinect further. You are able to daisy chain multiple 16 ft. cables with the Xbox Kinect, however upon testing the extension cables with the Kinect, the 33 foot cable did not work with it, only the 16 ft.

usb 3.0 active extensionSewell ActiveLINK USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable

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